Why Do People Love Playing Poker?
Poker is one of the fastest growing table games at present. It has always been a popular game. Since tournaments such as World Series Poker brought the game to public attention, almost everyone has tried it at least once. The thing about poker is that you don’t have to be a great player in order to win – it is less about the cards you are drawn and all about the manner in which you play them. Here then are six main reasons why people play poker.
When Is The Best Time To Play Poker?

Playing poker online is great; there are no time constraints apart from the ones you put on yourself, and thanks to its worldwide reach, you’ll always find someone (probably a number of someones) who are willing to sit in a game with you. But is that the right thing to do? Just go online whenever you feel like it and get playing poker? Or is there a good time – the best time – to do it when you’re more likely to come away with a winning hand or a return on your investment?

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About PokerStars

Poker Stars was one of the first poker rooms on the net and it keeps getting better. It's currently by far the largest poker room on the planet with up to 150 000 real money players at a given moment every day. A big part of their success can be tracked to the fact that they still accept players from the U.S.

Poker Stars are running they own poker client and hence have full control over the quality of the service they provide. This means reliable support and a poker client with tons of features, built with user feedback in mind.Thanks to their huge player base, their tournament program is hands down the best in the poker business and cash games are running hot around the clock at all stakes. But they are still not a perfect poker room. The promotions are mediocre and there is no rakeback to be found. The lobby is a bit messy that it becomes a bit tricky to find the games you are looking for. This is the only thins keeping us from giving this room a ten out of ten score.

But the insane player activity levels and the huge amounts of tournaments they play make up for all the short comings. Poker Stars is a must try, no matter what kind of poker player you are. You just must find our what made Poker Stars the most successful poker room on the planet by yourself!

Announced: PokerStars and NYX Gaming Group Partner to Tap Romanian Game Market
Two giants of the industry, Pokerstars and and NYX GGL, announced a Romanian partnership in September. The exciting collaboration will allow them to provide gaming services in they country. The Oficiul National Pentru Jocuri de Noroc (ONJN) licensing body granted a full license in August just prior to the major announcement. Beginning on 1st September, PokerStars will now offer Poker services in Romania through the domain PokerStars.ro. The partnership will enable Romanian players access to gaming content on NYX.  The PokerStars Open Gaming System (OGS) has already launched in the country.

Other Games

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Liv Borree Wins PokerStars EPT San Remo Event

Liv Boree is now just one of three women who has ever won an European Poker Tour (EPT) event after recently taking first place and €1,250,000 dollars in the PokerStars San Remo event in Italy. The other two women to ever win an EPT event are members of Team PokerStars.  They are Vicky Coren who won the EPT London in season three and Sandra Naujoks who won the EPT Dortmond in season five. The San Remo event was the largest event ever held in Europe so far and she took the event by besting the other 1,240 players to go heads up against Jakob Carlsson. Boree also got a seat at the EPT Grand Final as part of her prize which started playing in Monte Carlo on Sunday, April 25th.  She won her seat at the San Remo Main Event by playing in a live satellite for €500 dollars at a casino. When asked about her win this is what she had to say, ‘’Winning a major event is exactly what I’ve been working towards. I went round to all the EPTs as a host but all I was thinking was, ‘I want to play.’  I have been working very hard on my game but I can’t believe I have won. I’m over the moon, absolutely over the moon.’’